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One of the main focus points at heavyGFILMS is shooting and distributing food and beverage branded content for the web. We've been creating food content since web video was in its infancy, and we know how to do it right! heavyG works with a dedicated crew of food stylists, recipe developers, and cinema crew that knows how to shoot food and push the internet viewers buttons - but it doesn't stop there.

In order to connect online your brand needs to be character in the video. We help you to see your brand not as a sponsor of the content but as a relevant organic character in the videos. The web is social - you need to be social and helpful to your viewers - not interrupt them.

So heavyG has produced some great content for you... what now? YouTube is the first name out on the table, it is the most popular; but the amount of noise is overwhelming. So in order to get noticed you need to go deeper. Strangely enough farther out on the 'Long Tail' and food centric curated sites.

For the food and beverage vertical heavyG has built a hyper-syndication model. Our content (your content) goes out to all of the relevant (and yes even YouTube) web sharing sites, in addition heavyG has built relationships with the largest media owners on the web. These relationships with the media giants helps to get the content we create to the top of the page on some of the largest curated food websites out there.

What does that mean? heavyG food videos were watched 46 million times in 2013!!

Check out our full food & recipe video solutions @ Le Gourmet TV BrandLab & Test Kitchen

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